Letter from Bob Rastovich to Millie Chopp, May 8, 1945



Letter from Bob Rastovich to Millie Chopp, May 8, 1945




This letter was written from Bob Rastovich to his sister Millie Chopp on May 8, 1945. The letter reads (all spelling and grammar kept in tact from the original):May 8, 1945

Dear Millie-
Well here it is V-E day - finally. I bet the people back there are really celebrating. In fact I know they are because we have a radio here and can get broadcasts from New York so we're purty well up on whats going on, here and over there.

I seems funny - people in the states are raising hell and very happy about the whole thing, but over here the guys took it as calmly as if nothing happened. Yet it seems like V-E day would mean more to us than the people in the states. But I guess we'd raise hell too, if we had a chance!

I think the reason for the guys taking it so calmly is that they realize the war is not over for a lot of us - in fact it's just beginning - We just hope it ain't none of us.

I sure was glad to hear that Danny was deferred till October - sure hope it over by then.

Yes, Martha told be about Theodore Aune - its tough! Don't see how Anton will run the store without him.

Boy you people sure name about Mary Sue, I'd sure like to see her - "I still like to tap small kids on the head." Even catch myself tapping these German brats on the head sometimes - just sometimes. Most of the time I like to scare the hell out of them.

I guess most of the guys over here mourned Roosevelt's death but they never showed it. G.I.'s don't like to express there feelings. Tragedys to a front line doughboy is not uncommon.

Millie your about as bad a Martha, not satisfied unless you can send something. Really don't need anything but if it will make you happier I'll let you send something but not until I get your next letter because by that time I think I'll know more about what the score is and whether we'll stay here to not.

Just heard King George the VI of England make a speech over the radio. We get most of our news from the London broadcasting station.

Well Millie I better close for now.

Say Hello to Charlie Mildred and Chuckie





Ed Barnum


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