Letter from Bob Rastovich to Danny Rastovich, June 30, 1944



Letter from Bob Rastovich to Danny Rastovich, June 30, 1944


B. Rastovich
D. Rastovich


This letter was written by Bob Rastovich to his brother Danny Rastovich on June 30, 1944. The letter reads (all spelling and grammar kept intact from the original):
June 30, 1944

Dear Danny -

Boy you don't know how glad I was to get your letter in fact I'm always glad to get your letters. True some of the news is old but coming from you it's new all over again because you seem to put more color into it.

Just got a letter from Homer and he said something about you getting a deferment. Get I sure hope it's true.

I'm glad to hear that you got your drivers license. Yeah that was quite a joke about Martha getting picked up. I laughed till my sides ached.

That was really interesting about that trip you took to Pone Mountain. I'll bet you thought that was great sport and I sure don't blame you in fact I envy you. It brings back old pleasant memories.

But the way that fellow "Billy Ran" that you mentioned, is that the guy that runs that store in Millican? Is he still the only one in town?

What kind of ranch have Bradetichs got over there? That is, how is it for grass and water etc. etc?

It looks like Him didn't turn out to be a very good work horse, or isn't he very well broke yet?

I'm glad to see that you're not afraid of him. That's the old spirit, don't vert let a horse get you down. Even if he gets so bad that you have to whip the sonofabich to death.

Home didn't believe in letting one sleep after one has awaken and does he ("waugh").

Millie said that he dumped Martha in the ditch - how about that? When I get back I'm going to ask him to do that again since I didn't see if the first time (heh heh).

Yes I imagine that you'll have quite a bit of trouble with that T model engine on the welder but it'll run if you just have patience and tinker with it awhile. It's just like a horse you have to rub it behind the ears every once in a while to make it work.

Well Danny I will close for tonight and am looking forward to your next letter, and may I suggest that 4 months is quite a spell to look forward to so I would appreciate it if the suspense of waiting wasn't quite so long.





Ed Barnum


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