Letter from Bob Rastovich to Marie Rastovich, July 17, 1941



Letter from Bob Rastovich to Marie Rastovich, July 17, 1941




This letter was written by Bob Rastovich to his sister Marie Rastovich on July 17, 1941. The letter reads (all spelling and grammar kept intact from the original): July 17, 1941

Dear Marie

I suppose you are cussing me for not writing sooner but being that I've send you a card telling where we were going I didn't think it was any use in writing sooner until we got settled down.

We finally arrived in Camp Roberts claimed to be the hottest and largest fort in the U.S. There is 25,000 men here apporxomotly 1400 building theater large enough to hold 1000 men. This place is 750 some off miles from home 1000 miles from Fort Lewis.

When we got here we was reinterviewed and given a knowledge test. Tomorrow we will get shots in the arm after that we start drilling.

We have to be here for 13 weeks and then will be transferred again hell knows where. Dick Smith did not go with this bunch I sure miss him. He was to go someplace the day after we left. I don't know how come he didn't got with us, it's probly because of his finger.

I don't know how I'll like this place it sure is hot, about 89 [degrees] in the share but I think I'll stick it out until my 13 weeks is up. And if it gets purty bad I am going to sign up for three years as an airplane mechanic.

I read in the paper that President Roosevelt introduced a bill to keep selectees in the Army more then one year. If that bill passes I believe that I'll sign up for airplane mechanics for sure, but if course I don't know how things will turn out, just because I am in the Infantry now it is no sign that I will always be there but I thing[k] I would be ahead if I signed up for airplane mechanics anyhow.

Well you might say that I've been clear across California but I certainly don't see anything to brag about. People can have there old Washington and California but I'll take Oregon anyway. It took us two nights and one day to get here from Fort Lewis I sure was glad to get off of that dam train. But one thing about it the conductors and porters and the lutenant that was in charge of us were sure nice.

Well I suppose that isn't all the news around here. I could find a lot more to write but haven't got time. So let Millie read this letter because she would slap my ears for not writing to her but I couldn't get around to it.

Your letters will read me by the address on the envelope and please send me Tom Dawsons address to, because I can't seem to remember it. So write soon and excuse this goddam writing because I didn't have much time to write will try to write more and better next time give my best wishes to everybody.





Ed Barnum


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