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Danny Rastovich and Bob Rastovich on the farm during Bob’s leave of absence in 1944.

Bob Rastovich bundled up in Alaska during his time of service.

Phil Bradetich, Bob Rastovich, and Dan Rastovich leaning against a car during Bob's furlough home.

Bob Rastovich in a doughboy helmet in Alaska with an Alaskan husky. Verso of photo reads, "Alaska husky (the dog I mean)"

Martha Rastovich, Bob Rastovich, and Helen Rastovich pose in front of the house window with service star flag hanging above.

Bob Rastovich sitting on the porch when he was on leave. Top: Danny Rastovich (sitting on porch wall), Helen Rastovich Barett (sitting on porch wall). Middle: Anna Rastovich and Bob Rastovich. Bottom: Mildred Chopp, Chuckie Chopp, and Martha…

Chuckie Chopp and Bob Rastovich sitting on a fence during his furlough home in 1944.

Two unidentified soldiers and Bob Rastovich lean against artillery somewhere in Western Europe near the end of WWII.

Bob Rastovich in his Army uniform with his mother, Anna Rastovich during his furlough home in 1944.

This letter was written by Bob Rastovich to his sister Marie Rastovich on July 17, 1941. The letter reads (all spelling and grammar kept intact from the original): July 17, 1941

Dear Marie

I suppose you are cussing me for not writing sooner but…
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